Monday, July 1, 2013

More Dirty Deeds About To Be Forgotten? Only If We Let Them.

Its now a week since the first of the Anglo tapes were released, to the horror and disgust of the nation. Sadly, one week on more tapes were released and today's tapes were ignored by the so called "state broadcaster" RTE. Today's tape was as worrying as the others as it contains the Anglo banker gangsters saying they were acting in the same manner as AIB. AIB has cost us a little less than Anglo, and was the bank with the fifty biggest loss IN THE WORLD. Why are RTE ignoring this? Are they doing their best to protect AIB?

The more worrying undercurrent in this whole sorry saga is just why no action has been taken against any of these criminal bankers. Our minister for justice somehow heard about a TD driving while using a mobile phone, yet he says he heard nothing about these tapes that the Gardai have had for over 4 years. The excuse he gave on radio was last week was that he was given the information on Wallace during a briefing from the garda commissioner on the penalty points fiasco (remember that? Official Ireland was wiping penalty points from the licenses of connected people). Its very interesting that the same commissioner never gave his minister for justice and update on the banking investigation. This proves that minister Shatter never asked to be updated on the progress of the banking investigation, and this proves his boss Enda Kenny is not bothered about it either. The government did not give a shit about justice before these tapes were released.

FF,FG and Labour are doing their level best to make sure there is an inquiry held in the Dail in relation to all of this. An inquiry in the Dail will almost certainly mean that there will be no prosecutions over what happened. Why do FF,FG and Labour want this? Its pretty clear that the conspiracy to defraud Ireland goes far and wide, and if the truth was to ever come out, every single connected elite in the country would be finished. These elites are the supporters and friends of FF,FG and Labour. All the senior civil servants, the businessmen, the bankers and the union leaders will all lose out if the truth was ever to become public. For these reasons we will never find out the truth unless we stand up to these bastards.

This Wednesday, at 6pm outside the Dail there will be a "Jail the bankers" protest. If you have any care for your country, yourself, your children and your children's future then it is your duty to attend this protest. If we let the bastards off the hook with this, then they will rob us again, again and again. The people of Brazil have stood up, the people of Egypt have stood up. Now its time for the people of Ireland to stand up.


  1. Shower of fu*kin cu*ts.... The lot of them., not 1 of them to be left out.

  2. This whole affair is not the disease but is one of the symptoms. The disease is who we vote into power again and again. The Irish electorate need to be educated, civil war party politics abolished, and new blood encouraged to run for office that have the capabilities to run the country on behalf of the people. It is clear that power corrupts, and once elected, anything goes with little accountability. Either the Irish nation get their act together, run the country properly or give it back to the Queen and apologise profusely for fucking it up. This is worse than anything the British did to us because we did it to ourselves.

  3. I don't think the Queen would be quite up for that. Don't forget; Ireland was Ireland when England was a pup..." and all a' that. Bankers are their own breed, I don't think they're particularly wrapped up anymore in anyone's flag of the day, year or century...

  4. Im sick of this government taking the mick, taxes on everything&another thing that is bugging me is what that git james reilly is doing go the poor nurses cutting their wages again, my other half is a nurse&works 14hrs a day 2hrs more than she is suppose to and doesn't get paid for it I stead get money taking from her&1week every 4 works an 84 hr week absalutely sickening and all she cares about is the fact that there are nights when she is so tired she fears that she may not be able to care for her patients properly lookly she is a strong hearted woman, all of our uoung nurses are starting to emmigrate were will this leave the hospitals in 5, 10, 20 years time? In the sh#te thats were they will be.
    These jokers get away with murder, I feel sick to yhe stomach evry day when I read the news or when my oyher half comes home from work to tell me her wages has been cut yet again and there is the bankers, doctors, city managers, td's etc earning a fortune how come they don't get deducted in their wages? Lets see how they would live working 14hrs a day putting up with dogs abuse, getting puked on peed on, pooped on&coming out with just a little over 400e a week I reckon they would soon end up in the mad house...lets all stick by one anoyher and support one another instead of arguing with one another :)