Monday, June 8, 2015

Why the SiteServ-IBRC inquiry is a farce

The crazy comedy continues, once again with most media are not questioning things (maybe because a lot of people in the media have had large debt write downs). The latest news that the SiteServ inquiry will not report until the end of the year is bizarre in the extreme. Not one person in the media is questioning exactly what will this inquiry have to do, so we will put it simply here. The first step is to get one of the banks computer people and ask them to write a very quick program, this aim of this program is to return all the details of loans accounts that were closed with more than €1m owing. This is a simple task for a computer expert (ask one). Think about it, if you have a bank account, your bank sends you regular statements, these statements are an historical record of transactions. This is what computers were designed for, because they are good at storing and retrieving data very quickly. Its simple for a database expert to publish a report, telling us the number of people that had €1m plus written off, very simple. Anybody that says any different is lying.

The banks computer systems also have whats known as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. These systems store all the interactions with the customers, such as communications sent and received. So, again, its simple to get this data. To make this clear, in less than a day all the financial data and all of the correspondence can be made available to those investigating.

There is not one valid reason why the financial data cannot be released online, so people on Social Media can parse it, and we will. There is no need to publish the names, just publish a unique number per IBRC client, we will find the questionable transactions in a week.

Is there one valid reason why the top 20% of write offs cannot be fully investigated and reported on with a month? The only reason is that if the inquiry is not resourced properly. Which, knowing FG+Labour, it wont be. The idea of this inquiry is to make sure there is no report until after they attempt to buy the next election using our money in the budget.

A proper inquiry would be finished before the Dail returns from its summer holidays. Resource it properly, like a private sector company does when it has a deadline. Work 24/7 if needs be, just get the job done.

This inquiry is a farce, designed by the corrupt to protect the corrupt.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Time To Remove The Dissident Sinister Fringe

Once again our government are calling IrishWater protesters dissidents with a sinister agenda. This morning the attack reached new levels when Minister Alan Kelly said that the government’s new proposals would be acceptable to “reasonable” people. At the same time, Enda Kenny was spinning that protesters are “dissidents with an agenda”. The subliminal message from this spin is that if you oppose the latest proposals you are an unreasonable dissident subversive Republican from the Real IRA, the message from this is that the Gardai will beat the crap out of protesters (as a minority of Gardai have been doing.). Basically, telling us to accept the latest proposals or they will get heavy. Do not be fooled by these idle threats from rich elitist bullies.Its our water, we already pay for it and this is all a scam to privatise it.

Let’s take a look at Minister Alan Kelly and what he stands for. He is a member of the Labour Party, a party founded by Connolly and Larkin which led the Dublin Lockout. The Lockout was a precursor to the 1916 rising. Unfortunately, the Labour Party franchise was taken over by a group descended from the Official IRA, known as “The Stickies”. Their goal was to subvert the State and constitution and implement their own myopic state. The Stickies infiltrated RTE in a big way, thus partly explaining the ridiculous biased reporting from the so called State Broadcaster. If you have time, it’s worth reading this, be in no doubt at all, the current Labour Party are a dissident sinister fringe.

The usual government spin cheerleaders in Independent Newspapers and RTE have been busy lecturing us about democracy and how it works. They have been trying to make us believe that protesting is not democratic. Before the last election, Labour stated “The Labour Party abolished water charges when Brendan Howlin was Environment Minister in the Rainbow Govt, 1996. We would oppose any attempt to reverse that move”. To go against this and implement Water Charges is a subversion of democracy. Labour are subversives and will be removed from office. When somebody lies to get a job and those lies are uncovered, they are fired. We are firing the Labour Party.

Since taking power, this government created the “Economic Management Council”. This consists of four people and numerous unelected officials, and takes all the decisions regarding our spending. This body is not in the constitution and outside democratic control. This is a subversion of democracy. Its members are Enda Kenny, Joan Burton, Michael Noonan and Brendan Howlin. These people are all subversive dissidents undermining our democracy.

We will not be deterred by the sinister elements ruining Irish society. We will engage in peaceful protest until they are removed. Join the peaceful protests outside the Dail this week and on the 10th of December when people power will see the removal of the dictatorship that has wrecked our country.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

IrishWater and goverment are lying about your PPS number

Uproar has finally started over people realising that they have a right to keep their personal data private. IrishWater have been facilitated by their friends in the media to explain their position, but sadly their explanations fall short. Equally as unfortunate is the fact that pretty much every media outlet is not challenging IrishWater, whether this is due to the fact that IrishWater are currently spending a very large advertising budget or due to a corrupt media class is something you can judge for yourself.

For those of you that are not aware of what exactly your PPS number is and why its important in relation to the current situation, here is a quick explanation. A PPS number is a unique identifier for a person, sometimes used so government services can verify who you are to make sure you are not using government services or allowances twice. It’s essentially an ID number. In the world of software and databases, this is called a “Key”. This key unlocks the door and allows the viewing of sensitive data such as Name, address and date of birth. As explained in a previous post, this information is invaluable to marketing companies and other private organisations.

IrishWater say they want your PPS number to verify that the data you supplied to IrishWater is correct. Once verified, IrishWater will no longer store your PPS number or sell it to anybody (note they have finished denying that the company and its database will be sold). That’s all well and good, but the problem is that once IrishWater have verified your data to be correct, it’s in their database with their own unique ID or “Key”. So, for all intents and purposes, IrishWater have effectively made a copy of your “Key”, and a very large chunk of a government database. IrishWater have been saying that other utilities such as telephone companies have PPS numbers, however this is stretching the truth. Fixed line telecom companies get PPS numbers for senior citizens claiming an allowance. Small databases are not worth much, the value in the IrishWater data is the entirety of its database,it will cover almost every address and every citizen in the country. Especially valuable in the future is the data belonging to the children of today.

A public database is being moved into private hands by stealth. There is no doubt at all that the entire process is fundamentally flawed. The question must now be is whether this is due incompetence or the actual plan all along was to build a valuable database as a saleable asset. Considering that a number of the senior managers in IrishWater came from the Poolbeg incinerator project, questions need to be asked. Was the €100 million spent on that project without any explanations due to incompetence or was that trick planned all along also?

An IrishWater PR person was on the radio telling us that there have been communication issues in relation to the whole PPS issue. What sort of an explanation is that? IrishWater are spending a whopping €180 million (of our money) on establishing itself and still cannot explain what is going on. Imagine going into an expensive restaurant and paying up front for the most expensive meal, the chef then arrives over with your meal and says “I don’t really know what’s wrong with the food, but you should eat it anyway”. This all smells like another Poolbeg (the sewage plant this time).

What’s even more curious is the silence from other arms of the state in relation to this. Silence from the line Minister in charge. The Data Protection Commissioner has gone to ground. IrishWater and their friends in the media have been busying spouting the line that the commissioner approves of the gathering PPS of numbers, however last Friday a notice appeared on the IrishWater website stating that “Please see below our updated Data Protection Notice that we are currently reviewing with the office of the Data Protection Commissioner”. So, IrishWater are busy scaring people into handing over very important data without any permission. Why the rush? Remember, once you hand it over, your privacy is gone.

The privatisation of such a large database is very bad for the privacy and lives of citizens. We already know that privatisation of public assets is good for a select few connected insiders and bad for the public. A lot of you reading this will be too young to remember what happened with Eircom, Eircom used to be called Telecom Eireann, a state run telecoms service. It was incredibly inefficient, so the decision was made to privatise it. Since it was privatised, it’s been asset stripped and sold a number of times. We now have a poor broadband infrastructure due to under investment in this now crucial asset. The story about how citizens were conned into parting with their money to “invest” in shares is one for another day, but a quick Google will tell all. A quick Google about the sale of the ESAT telecoms license will also tell you a lot. Is it a coincidence that FG and Denis O’Brien are now all over IrishWater?

Strange how public assets are privatised and private losses are socialised? The banks went bust and all sorts of laws were passed over night to ensure that the taxpayers would take a loan to bailout the banks. This was sold to as a bailout for Ireland, it was not a bailout for Ireland, it was a bailout for bankers. It was a loan to the taxpayers. To repay this loan, we now must sell our most important assets, our data and our water. We don’t know how valuable a resource our data and water will be in 20 years. We do know our population is growing, so water will be an increasingly scare resource. At least when it’s in public ownership we have control. Will our children and grandchildren forgive us for giving away such a precious resource? Why should we be selling our assets to pay off debts that are not ours?

Our media’s lack of interest in questioning IrishWater is expected. We know RTE is a propaganda arm of the government, we know who owns most of the rest of our national media. So, it’s up to us to bail ourselves out. We have social media and its time to spread the message that it’s OUR data and OUR water. If we refuse to hand over our PPS numbers, then it makes the sale of IrishWater a lot more difficult.

Spread the word,get on Twitter,Facebook and other sharing services and tell your friends why you are keeping your data private.

They have robbed enough from us already. 

We are not letting it happen again.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Why IrishWater really wants your PPS number and other private data.

Your name, address and date of birth are valuable pieces of information. From these bits of data, clever software can work out your approximate social class and target you with direct marketing. The problem with these bits of data is that they are not verified. Nobody actually knows that its 100% real. Nobody knows if Michael Murphy at 100 Main Street is a real and active consumer available to be targeted. Adding a PPS number to this data is a dream for marketers and others that want to track and monitor people. Your PPS number stays with you for life, so by giving this data to a third party they will be able to track every address you lived at and deduce all kinds of information from that (such as who you live with, where your relations are and all sorts of other pieces of what we call “metadata”). Essentially, data and in particular personal data is valuable and becoming increasingly invaluable.

Its not just marketing companies that will love this data, this data combined with records from medical insurance companies will be worth a small fortune. All sorts of big businesses want this data and as technology evolves and improves this data becomes more valuable. In the future, this data will be used in ways that we don’t know about yet. Simply put, we don’t know the value of all this data in 5 years time, that’s why it’s essential it’s kept to ourselves. Does any other utility or service ask the names and dates of birth for all children in a house? No. It’s your private dwelling, which is protected under the constitution and you have the right to refuse to divulge this information.

IrishWater are building a comprehensive database of personal information that will be sold to whoever buys IrishWater.  How do we know this? Up until 19th September it was stated on their website

if Irish Water or substantially all of its assets are acquired by a third party, in which case Customer data held by it about its Customer will be one of the transferred assets.

Curiously, this piece of text was removed, with the following explanation

Please see below our updated Data Protection Notice that we are currently reviewing with the office of the Data Protection Commissioner. Amendments have been made primarily to clarify to the customer the purposes for which personal data (including PPS numbers) is collected.

This means the plan IS to sell IrishWater and its databases, just as Bord Gais was sold and all the senior people getting nice hefty “bonuses” that would make a lotto winner blush.

Even more worrying is this statement from their website

Data that we collect from you may be transferred to a destination outside the European Economic Area ("EEA"). 

This means that your data can be exported to somewhere that Irish or European law does not apply. So, by giving any data to IrishWater, it can be whisked away to another organisation at the touch of a button. Both frightening and dangerous. Why have we not heard from any data protection experts through our media? Well, Denis OBrien owns significant amounts of our media, and RTE seem to have a policy of being nice to IrishWater. It’s up to us on social media to spread the truth and inform people, because RTE is now essentially a mouthpiece for the government, you won’t hear the truth there.

Imagine if tomorrow the government said that they might sell the entire database of PPS numbers and associated data? There would be uproar. What’s happening with IrishWater is exactly the same thing. Yes, IrishWater and the government are going to tell us to trust them, it won’t be sold and the usual fake promises. An IrishWater spokesperson said this week “IrishWater can’t be sold because it’s in the legislation that it cant be”. Well, this is Ireland. When the right people want legislation to be changed it happens at the drop of a hat. Remember when the bankers came looking for money? Emergency legislation was passed and hey presto, €80 billion was made disappear over night. Sorry, it did not disappear, we are paying it off now and IrishWater is yet another new tax to pay for the bankers. The tax that we used to use to pay for water has been diverted to pay for bank debt.

Take a look at the personnel involved with IrishWater, the head man, John Tierney (a man whose record of incompetence would make Basil Faulty blush) was responsible for the failed Dublin incinerator project. €100 million was made disappear under the guise of “consultancy fees”. No records of how it was spent, it’s just gone. Not a foundation dug or brick laid, just a big black hole where all our cash went. How this man was given the job to head IrishWater is beyond belief.

Who is installing the water meters? A good friend of FG, Mr Denis OBrien. How OBrien got this gig is questionable at best. A year before the IrishWater tender he bought a company called SiteServ. SiteServ was bust and owed €100 million to Anglo. Other companies offered more money, but for some reason OBrien got his hands on it. Then hey presto, SiteServ’s debt was written off, this means that the debt was moved to the taxpayer. Then another hey presto, SiteServ gets the contract to install water meters. It’s not known how much SiteServ is being paid for this, even though it’s our money being used to do it.

The government and IrishWater tell us that water is a precious resource. Despite what the government and IrishWater want you to believe, we are not stupid and we know that water is precious. How many houses, bars or restaurants do you go into and see all the taps turned on wasting water? Almost none. The vast majority of people don’t waste water. Instead of spending €50 million on consultants, surely a public information campaign on how to conserve water would have been more appropriate? Maybe a subsidy to all households to have outside water containers to trap rainwater to be used for purposes where non treated water is required? No, instead they start with the usual bullying tactics demanding money and data.  IrishWater is nothing to do with conserving water, it’s about lining the pockets of rich politicians, civil servants and their friends.

IrishWater spent millions on state of the art IT systems, we were told that this was needed to make it a world class company (in reality it’s so it can be sold off quicker). Yet, somehow in the first month of sending out its information packs it accidentally send out over 6000 letters with compromised personal data. Personal data from one person send to another, a data breach.

Can you honestly trust this collection of people with another of our most precious resources, personal data? 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Time to boycott Israeli goods, just like we did with South Africa during Apartheid

If you are horrified by the actions of that oppressive regime in Israel then you can make a difference and you can voice your displeasure at the atrocities being carried against the Palestinians. In the 1980s, people of good conscience boycotted all goods from South Africa because of Apartheid. Twelve Dunnes workers stood up and said enough. They refused to have anything to do with produce from South Africa that they took to the streets and went on strike for two and a half years. What is happening today is no different. Israel commits atrocities yet they still sell their products here.
Three key features characterise Israeli apartheid:
* Four million Palestinians in the Occupied Territories lack the right to vote for the government that controls their lives through a military occupation. In addition to controlling the borders, air space, water, tax revenues, and other vital matters pertaining to the Occupied Territories, Israel alone issues the identity cards that determine the ability of Palestinians to work and their freedom of movement.
* About 1.2 million Palestinian Israelis, who make up 20 percent, or one-fifth, of Israel’s population, have second-class citizenship within Israel, which defines itself as a Jewish state rather than a state for all its citizens. More than 20 provisions of Israel’s principal laws discriminate, either directly or indirectly, against non-Jews, according to Adalah: The Legal Center for Minority Rights in Israel.
* Millions of Palestinians remain refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and elsewhere, unable to return to their former homes and land in present-day Israel, even though the right of return for refugees is enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
We thought it was wrong then and it's wrong now. Israel is carrying out apartheid on Palestinian land, oppressing and terrorising the Palestinian people on a vast scale and it must be stopped.
If you wish to make a stand, a real stand, not like the numpties in the Dáil who say and do nothing, then hit them hardest....
with your wallet....

Monday, July 1, 2013

More Dirty Deeds About To Be Forgotten? Only If We Let Them.

Its now a week since the first of the Anglo tapes were released, to the horror and disgust of the nation. Sadly, one week on more tapes were released and today's tapes were ignored by the so called "state broadcaster" RTE. Today's tape was as worrying as the others as it contains the Anglo banker gangsters saying they were acting in the same manner as AIB. AIB has cost us a little less than Anglo, and was the bank with the fifty biggest loss IN THE WORLD. Why are RTE ignoring this? Are they doing their best to protect AIB?

The more worrying undercurrent in this whole sorry saga is just why no action has been taken against any of these criminal bankers. Our minister for justice somehow heard about a TD driving while using a mobile phone, yet he says he heard nothing about these tapes that the Gardai have had for over 4 years. The excuse he gave on radio was last week was that he was given the information on Wallace during a briefing from the garda commissioner on the penalty points fiasco (remember that? Official Ireland was wiping penalty points from the licenses of connected people). Its very interesting that the same commissioner never gave his minister for justice and update on the banking investigation. This proves that minister Shatter never asked to be updated on the progress of the banking investigation, and this proves his boss Enda Kenny is not bothered about it either. The government did not give a shit about justice before these tapes were released.

FF,FG and Labour are doing their level best to make sure there is an inquiry held in the Dail in relation to all of this. An inquiry in the Dail will almost certainly mean that there will be no prosecutions over what happened. Why do FF,FG and Labour want this? Its pretty clear that the conspiracy to defraud Ireland goes far and wide, and if the truth was to ever come out, every single connected elite in the country would be finished. These elites are the supporters and friends of FF,FG and Labour. All the senior civil servants, the businessmen, the bankers and the union leaders will all lose out if the truth was ever to become public. For these reasons we will never find out the truth unless we stand up to these bastards.

This Wednesday, at 6pm outside the Dail there will be a "Jail the bankers" protest. If you have any care for your country, yourself, your children and your children's future then it is your duty to attend this protest. If we let the bastards off the hook with this, then they will rob us again, again and again. The people of Brazil have stood up, the people of Egypt have stood up. Now its time for the people of Ireland to stand up.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

€843,000 for Richie Boucher at Bank of Ireland. End this madness by supporting a bankrun.

Michael OLeary runs Europes biggest airline, Ryanair. Last year Ryanair made a profit of about €500 million. OLeary gets a salary of €768,000. Richie Boucher runs a tiny European bank, Bank of Ireland, last year it made a loss of €2 billion, yet Boucher gets a salary of €843,000.

Given the damage Bank of Ireland have done to our country, its little surprise the level of public outrage over this salary. However, we have been here before. Media and public outrage typically lasts for 24-48 hours, the fuss dies down and nothing changes. We wait for the Bank of Ireland AGM next year and the same process is repeated. Over and over again, nothing changes.

Its now clear that its time for us as citizens to stand up and force change. We can do this by moving money out of Bank of Ireland. This will hit them where it hurts, and they will change how the act when we take action. We will do this on 15th of May.

This is a simple process and we can use the Central Bank guidelines against Bank of Ireland. There are 4 steps to move your account.

1. Pick a new bank - Go there and get a "switching form"
2. Pick a switching date (15th May)
3. Complete the switching form
4. Switch

All of your direct debits will be automatically moved. 

Some people will tell you moving to a new bank in pointless as they are all the same. Yes, they are all the same, but we can keep moving from bank to bank to force them to change. 

There is more information on the National Consumer Agency website.

Tweet your support to #BOIbankrun and spread the word.

Join our facebook page 

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