Monday, June 8, 2015

Why the SiteServ-IBRC inquiry is a farce

The crazy comedy continues, once again with most media are not questioning things (maybe because a lot of people in the media have had large debt write downs). The latest news that the SiteServ inquiry will not report until the end of the year is bizarre in the extreme. Not one person in the media is questioning exactly what will this inquiry have to do, so we will put it simply here. The first step is to get one of the banks computer people and ask them to write a very quick program, this aim of this program is to return all the details of loans accounts that were closed with more than €1m owing. This is a simple task for a computer expert (ask one). Think about it, if you have a bank account, your bank sends you regular statements, these statements are an historical record of transactions. This is what computers were designed for, because they are good at storing and retrieving data very quickly. Its simple for a database expert to publish a report, telling us the number of people that had €1m plus written off, very simple. Anybody that says any different is lying.

The banks computer systems also have whats known as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. These systems store all the interactions with the customers, such as communications sent and received. So, again, its simple to get this data. To make this clear, in less than a day all the financial data and all of the correspondence can be made available to those investigating.

There is not one valid reason why the financial data cannot be released online, so people on Social Media can parse it, and we will. There is no need to publish the names, just publish a unique number per IBRC client, we will find the questionable transactions in a week.

Is there one valid reason why the top 20% of write offs cannot be fully investigated and reported on with a month? The only reason is that if the inquiry is not resourced properly. Which, knowing FG+Labour, it wont be. The idea of this inquiry is to make sure there is no report until after they attempt to buy the next election using our money in the budget.

A proper inquiry would be finished before the Dail returns from its summer holidays. Resource it properly, like a private sector company does when it has a deadline. Work 24/7 if needs be, just get the job done.

This inquiry is a farce, designed by the corrupt to protect the corrupt.

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