Thursday, November 25, 2010

ICTU leader does not have any mandate.

David Begg is calling for a large protest. For what? So the public can vent at David Beggs own incompetence and betrayal of the people?

as the title states, David Begg and his self serving corrupt organisations have NO Moral Authority and here is why...

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David Begg sat on the Audit Committee of The Central Bank during the most damaging years of the Credit bubble

David Begg had access to what was going on in the Central Bank

David Begg was in receipt of Irish taxpayers cash YET he failed to flag the deceit in the Central Bank

David Begg is COMPLICIT in the current morass due to his inaction

David Begg has NO moral authority and has no right whatsoever to hijack the ordinary peoples anger 

David Begg is part of the problem. 

David Begg has no solutions.

ICTU's President up to last year was none other than Peter McLoone

Peter McLoone, Donegal FFriend of Fianna Fail and FAS 

FAS - Peter McLoone





Peter McLoone and the board of FAS resigned in DISGRACE in 2009


The Unions have NO Moral Authority, they are part of the structural problem with our nations finances

Its a bit rich that the Unions are today threatening civil unrest because they know the IMF will shred The Crook Perk Deal

The Unions were happy till now sitting on the sideline with the unfair Crook Perk Deal in their back pocket.

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  1. At long last we seem to be getting to the nub of a few issues in Ireland. The union leaders are as much to blame in all this as the fuckers that led the banks, not to mind those that supposedly led the country. Oh, they led alright. They led us up the fucking garden path.