Thursday, November 25, 2010

We are hitting the streets this Saturday - Time to stand up. 11:15am Saturday

Today the government said that they will reduce the minimum wage and cut social welfare, while leaving the massive pay packets for themselves and their friends remains unchanged. This is how they share the pain.

We reject this, and we are going to let them know.

This Saturday, the trade unions are having a march. We will go along to show support, but we know that these same union leaders are on €170,000 and more. These leaders, like our politicians have also failed us. One of the union leaders, David Begg was on the board of the central bank. He was also on the audit committee that missed so much of what was going on in the banks. Just another fatcat telling us what to do.

We are calling on people in this group to make noise when the union leaders speak. Bring whistles, drums and anything else that will make noise.

We will meet on Essex Quay, at 11:15 this Saturday. From there, we will march to the GPO.

As our failed leaders speak, let your anger be known.

Here is a link to the place where we will meet.

This is our chance to take action. Do not stay at home thinking that enough people will show up, because if everybody does this, then nobody will be there.

This is your future, and your childrens future. You do not want to be telling them you stayed at home when they ask what you did to stop these criminals destroying our country.

See you Saturday!!!!!


  1. Is it gonna be safe enough to bring my son hes eleven?? He is as upset and angry about all this as he has lost his special needs assistant in school, they are taking these things off people that really need them id appricate if u could let me know. I understand there might be alot of anger at this march but its my childs saftey that comes first we need it to be a peacefull march for the sake of everyone that turns up.

  2. well said most Irish people have done just that sat at home on the back sides thinking someone else will do it for us well they wont!!!! Time to get off your asses & do it for your own sake your childrens sakes your parents & the infirms sake!!!
    we nee Ireland out of the EU & back fully in charge of her own destiny again & lets start printing punts again take your money from the banks have your salary paid into a credit union account let the banks go under!!!! all that tax payers money from NAMA & were told it did nothing they are still in trouble!!! come on people im flying back from Spain for this get off your arses there in Ireland & get going car pool if you have to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REVOLT NOW OR SINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  4. @ tracey....why not?.....if i lived anywhere near dublin i would!

    just keep alert & near obviously safe people....where you can make a sharp exit if need be :)

  5. why. why are you people complaining. none of you were complaining when the bubble was being inflated, on the contrary home owners were cheering it all on. You want to call the tune, but wont pay the piper. Stop pointing fingers (at the very people and institutions who are doing their best to protect you from yourselves), get off your arses and emigrate.

  6. Anything happening in Cork City?

  7. jgl. whoever you are we have seen millions of our good citizens emigrate and why should we lose more.
    now fuck off and shove that ignorant head back up your ass

  8. Cork. 2 o clock outside Brown Thomas

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  10. finbarrland and blog-owners - instead of walking up and down waving flags and chanting like a bunch of nitwits with nothing better to do, how about some constructive suggestions. What is YOUR mandate? how do YOU plan to get the republic out of trouble? What you collectively have done so far, is vote in the very government youre now whinging about, take your handouts and doles and pensions without any complaints whatsoever, and borrowed money you cant pay back to buy shit you dont need. Do you think those property developers now in financial trouble would have started their risky projects unless there was a demand from the public? Their massive and risky financial prjects were initiated and demanded by YOU the public, and now you want to wash your hands of responsibility, blame those that simply responded to your demands for more "stuff", refuse to pay your collective debts and tell everybody to fuck off. Sounds like the definition of an imbecile to me.

  11. finnbarland, to answer your question: "whoever you are we have seen millions of our good citizens emigrate and why should we lose more.". What are you talking about? There is no "we". hey´re not "Our" people, they are just like you and me: free individuals. You dont own potential emigrants and every person has a right to go abroad if thats where the best chances are for a happy life. And beleive me - the best chances for a happy life do NOT lie in ireland. Thank god for the EU which makes it possible for us to leave the sinking ship.