Monday, June 13, 2011

Brian Lenihan - The Traitor.

Its a sickening time to be an Irishman. Watching and listening to all the media fawning over Brian Lenihan. All the comments and nice words, its certainly a time to see just why the FF virus will never be killed off in Ireland.

Lets get real here, Brian Lenihan was a traitor. He has never once stood up for Ireland, and played a leading role in the bankrupting of the country.  Now, we can see all the closet FF supporters coming out and saying what a great man he was. Lets be clear, he was only a great man in the eyes of the foreign bondholders and governments that now control Ireland.

Brian Lenihan brought the IMF to Ireland.

Brian Lenihan somehow managed to miss the part of the €8 million PWC report that he commissioned that told the truth about Anglo, so Brian went ahead and nationalised it.

Brian Lenihan never once stood up for Ireland, he was never anything more than a henchman for the EU/IMF money men. 

Remember Charlie Haughey? Well Charlie stole money from the fund setup to get Brians father a liver transplant. Naturally in Fianna Fail this was not seen as a serious offense, but what did Brian do? He joined Fianna Fail, and like the rest of his snakes, did his utmost to slither to the top. A normal human would never join a nest of vipers that took no action against the crook that stole from his fathers medical fund. Yet, Brian was a true FF man, so stealing from his ill father is not a crime.

If the man could not stand up for his own flesh and blood, does anybody really think he would ever stand up for Ireland? Of course not.

If there is a heaven then there is a hell, and if there is a hell, we an be assured that Brian Lenihan is burning in it right now.

Do not feel shame when people tell you that you cannot speak ill of Brian Lenihan, because you can. Its your country, and he sold it.

Goodbye traitor, and lets hope the rest of your mob meet their end soon.


  1. DISGUSTING let the dead RIP WE got plenty of living corrupt bastards to pick on

  2. Best post I have read since his death. One would think he was a candidatefor resurrection instead of a not terribly adept corrupt, mendacious and nepotistic fuckwit!

  3. up untill now I have enjoyed reading these posts, but let the family grieve in peace. this is disgraceful. I know the man wasn't a saint as being currently portrayed but he didn't do it single handed either, there is a time and a place and now isn't the time. give us a bit of credit, we don't need to be told not to blindly believe what you read in the papers.

  4. Lets hope bertie ahern follows suit soon, he if anybody deserves to die and that BIFFO cowan idiot!! They both should be executed!! If they are not alive to collect their pensions, I know bertie's would contribute €7,200,000 to the states debt. If BIFFO wasn't around to collect his, I'm sure his wouldn't be to far off berties.

  5. It would be interesting to see how Irish react to Bertie's death. As for Brian Lenihan there has been a lot of outrage. On the call for revolution facebook wall. I have been reading all comments what amuses me is no one touched on the topic of. Why was Brian Lenihan the Minister for Finance when everyone knew he was dying of a very serious illness. I mean when I first heard he had cancer and he was Minister for Finance at the time the country was going down the tubes. I was like ??? why is he doing this job then. You could say cause he was in it for the family dynasties I guess so. But then again it shows how backward Irish politics is. Cause I tell you when you think of it this way, if it was the German Minister for Finance lets say. and he was dying with a very serious illness, and the country is falling apart with the banks. He has to make the hard decision for the country while trying to cope in pain with his illness... No I can't see the Germans letting a seriously ill dying man make the serious decision for their banks and the country. They'd do the clever thing and replace him with someone else. But yet in Ireland we let a seriously ill man make the hard serious decisions for the bank and the country. Which resulted in the EU/IMF coming in been very pissed with us. It was clear that Brian Lenihan should have never been in Finance because of his very serious illness, it really was a sign of bad mismanagement with Fianna Fail running the show which lead us to where we all are. Its like what David Mc Williams said Ireland will always be remembered in books as how to not run the country. So Brian Lenihan will rest in peace and I will certainly remembering him. As I type this out sitting next to my laptop in another country. Not sure if I get to go home to live as there's no jobs at home. My mom will be remembering him as she struggles living on her disability payments, and the winters are not kind. And I'm sure many Irish out there will be remembering him as life for all in Ireland is an up hill struggle

  6. His decisions were poorly taken and poorly advised. They have done the country no end of harm.

    But he was no traitor. When diagnosed with a terminal disease he continued to act in what he thought (mistakenly) was our best interest.

    He was a wealthy man who had no need for money. His own policies and initiatives made him poorer. So why did he continue in politics when he could have been at home with his wife and children, even when in opposition? Is it because he hated poor people with a sadistic passion? Or is it because he wanted to serve his country as best he could?

    You are an imbecile. He loved his father very much. He loved his wife and children very much. To suggest otherwise is to make him seem like some kind of monster.

    Grow up. Recognise that he did terrible things to the country but he did not intend to. If he was dying he had no reason to pander to any banks, or special interest groups or anything other than his sense of duty.

    If there exists a sensible argument as to why a sick man would continue to deliberately attack the country which he leaves to his son and daughter I would like to hear it.

  7. Bravo. Putting the fucking rip into RIP.

  8. I agree with you. Brian Lenihan was only a patriot for the Golden Circle Ireland. The Ireland we live in meant nothing to him bar being a host to carry him and his cronies.

    I regret that his death was not at the end of a rope after the gavel was banged and sentenced past.

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