Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The waste goes on and on and on.

Another day, another few thousand Euro's down the drain. Just 2 years ago, when Green looney John Gormley decide to spend over €100k country frogs Enda Kenny went mad. What does Enda do when he gets into government? He comes up with a plan to count the number of seals around Ireland. This news comes on the same day that we find out that Kenny's department spent a whopping €30k on photographers last year. Seems its austerity for us, while Kenny and his chums live the high life.

Enda gets another holiday today as he is off to the USA again, no doubt more lavish dinners and expensive wine, just one week after he was there on another trip. Some have the life eh? And guess what suckers are paying for it all? Us.

Looks like there is no difference between Kenny, Cowen, Ahern and Haughey.

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