Friday, February 17, 2012

Would you like a €50k Top-Up?

Times are tough, we all must share the pain. Special needs teachers are being cut, the weakest in our society are paying for the actions of the bankers and the politicians. Think of Enda Kenny, the man that never shouted "STOP" at Bertie Ahern destroyed the country. Poor old Enda was on about €100k last year. This was not enough for him, so lets give him a €50k top-up? Yeah, lets do that. Sure while we are at it, lets give Eamon Gilmore a €40k top-up? They deserve it.

More money was paid to all the parties, and naturally enough, no receipts are needed. Just a handwritten note saying how they spend the money. Seeing as Ireland is a republic, and we are all to be treated equally, maybe its time for all of us to claim "expenses" with no receipts when the tax man comes looking for more money to give to Anglo bondholders.

No wonder Ireland is bankrupt with corrupt politicians like these filling their pockets with cash while giving the rest of us 2 fingers.

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