Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Join The Fightback

Its 18 months since the people of Ireland booted Fianna Fail from office and elected the new government of Fine Gael and Labour. Both parties promised a change of direction for the country, no more money for corrupt and bankrupt banks, Labours way and not Frankfurts way. Remember how passionate Gilmore was back then?

Have we seen or heard much from him since then? No. Gilmore has gone into hiding. Gilmore the fake socialist now implementing the right wing policies of the EU and IMF while the citizens of Ireland face a decline in living standards and cutbacks to essential services like health.

Next month, a bank owned by the people of Ireland will pay €1 billion to a bondholder. This is at the same time as the Minister for Health is implementing serious cuts to the people that need help the most. We are not seeing any cutbacks for politicians though. The same Minister is also in trouble over a debt of €1.9 million that he failed to pay. So much for the "new politics" promised by Enda Kenny. Kenny is no different to any of the FF leaders before him as he is a spoofer only interested in power.

On Tuesday 18th of September, the politicians return from their lengthy summer holidays. Its our duty to be at the gates when they return to give them a welcome back that they will never forget. Remember, these politicians do not rule us, they answer to us. This is our country and we elected them based on their promises to stop paying off bondholders and doing whatever the fascists in the EU tell them to do. Now its our time to show these politicians who really has the power in Ireland, us the citizens. We will not be lied to and treated like fools.

Next Tuesday, we will gather at the Garden of Remembrance at 1pm. We will then march to the Dail and demand answers from the crooked politicians that are responsible for wrecking our country. We are going to stay outside and make plenty of noise and let them know just who is boss. Please join us and show your support, bring whistles and drums and anything else that will make noise.

The fightback starts here, the resistance to the agenda of cuts begins. Its time the politicians did what they promised, because if they dont then we are coming after them and they will be very sorry.


  1. Set up our own small communities, even a community currency and slowly get out of their corrupt system.
    That is the only way, they will stand up and listen to us,let us elect our own community representative.
    Options are endless.

  2. The time has come for the accounting, get out there people and show them that we are not sheep, we are sick of their lies. They will be back to the Dail from their summer holidays soon, be nice to be at the gates to welcome them back and show them EXACTLY what we think of OUR CUTS and THEIR RISES! Is this what our forefathers gave their lives for? Our country has been raped of it's assets and sold down the river, time to do what Iceland has done, take control back of OUR COUNTRY and put these wanking Bankers and lying crooked politicians in jail were they belong.

  3. Adolf Hitler once said how fortunate it is for a government when it's people follow like sheep. Our Government is making the same mess of Our country that he did of his.

    1. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    2. Not to anger anyone, but in fact Hitler did far more good for his own people than our own government are doing:
      1) Created law and public words that dropped unemployment from 6'000'000 to virtually zero
      2) Created the Farm Law, which assured farmers of sales, subsidies, and retained food prices.
      3) Stopped imports, and insisted on only locally created production. If Germany couldn't do it, they didn't want it.
      4) Workers given cut-price holiday, theatre, and concert attendance.
      5) Created the VW Beetle which anyone could afford.
      6) Guaranteed that every single citizen could get a cheaply produced radio. That's like today's government ensuring everyone gets a small colour television.

      There were many negatives as well; but can we honestly say that Kenny and his merry band have given us more than Hitler gave the Germans? Food for thought... :)

  4. Will be arriving with my brother who is a bit weak on his legs so will take the LUAS to town. Please tell me at what time to be at Parliament Buildings so we can join in.

    What a shower!!

  5. It was great to meet and see everyone who marched to the dail today to protest against the government policies which are destroying our society and to the T.D.s who showed solidarity with us. Fair Play to you . The more people who get involved, in whatever way they see fit, the better a chance we have of turning our country around , I'm hoping the next march will be bigger and noisier and get the notice it needs.

  6. The ultimate secret of the financial crisis, the thing that nobody anywhere wants to talk about: if a country gets into a credit crisis, defaulting on its debts is the one option that consistently leads to recovery.

    That statement ought to be old hat by now. Russia defaulted on its debts in 1998, and that default marked the end of its post-Soviet economic crisis and the beginning of its current period of relative prosperity. Argentina defaulted on its debts in 2002, and the default put an end to its deep recession and set it on the road to recovery. Even more to the point, Iceland was the one European country that refused the EU demand that the debts of failed banks must be passed on to governments; instead, in 2008, the Icelandic government allowed the country’s three biggest banks to fold, paid off Icelandic depositors by way of the existing deposit insurance scheme, and left foreign investors twisting in the wind. Since that time, Iceland has been the only European country to see a sustained recovery.

    When Greece defaults on its debts and leaves the Euro, in turn, there will be a bit of scrambling, and then the Greek recovery will begin. That’s the reason the EU has been trying so frantically to keep Greece from defaulting, no matter how many Euros have to be shoveled down how many ratholes to prevent it. Once the Greek default happens, and it will—the number of ratholes is multiplying much faster than Euros can be shoveled into them—the other southern European nations that are crushed by excessive debt will line up to do the same. There will be a massive stock market crash, a great many banks will go broke, a lot of rich people and an even larger number of middle class people will lose a great deal of money, politicians will make an assortment of stern and defiant speeches, and then the great European financial crisis will be over and people can get on with their lives.

    Ireland should default on the debt run up by these crooked bankers not use it as an excuse to attack the public sector. The Republic should also seriously consider leaving the Euro and restore nation state democracy.