Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The criminal budget from hell.

Welcome to Ireland. The bankrupt country that pays its leader a whopping €200,000 a year and thats before his unvouched expenses and salaries for his "special advisers" are considered. Ireland is a country where every member of parliament is paid a whopping €92,000 per year and thats before their generous expenses are considered. You would think this would be the first place any sane person would look for cuts in times of austerity, however, not in Ireland. Instead the cuts are directed at people caring for the disabled, the cuts are directed at children, essentially cuts are directed at the weak and voiceless.

Last year in Ireland our members of parliament cost us €31,000,000 in salaries and expenses. Its not known how much the cut to respite care will cost, however its pretty safe to assume a removal of all politician expenses and halving their salaries would go a long way to making this saving.

The budget also attacks the lowest paid. Taking €5 per week from almost everybody. A person on €200,000 per year will lose the same as somebody on €21,000 per year. Yet another act that protects the rich while penalising the poor.

All this from a government that continues to pay millions to bondholders week after week.

Its time for the people of Ireland to wake up and begin the fightback against the criminal cabal stealing from the citizens of the country.


  1. Not to mention sending out six gardai at 3am to arrest a woman who owed 250 on a traffic related fine (which she didn't even get the correct paperwork for!).

    Guilty or not, you do not take someone from their home at 3am for a minor misdemeanor - they don't even do this to druglords (well they wouldn't would they). That's something the English did back in the day!

    1. Anyone with details on the gardai who committed this heinous act, please publish their names and faces for the public to see.