Friday, December 14, 2012

The list of TD's that voted to cut carers allowance and other social welfare cuts.

On 13th December 2012, the following TD's voted to cut the respite carers allowance. If you TD is on this list make sure you let them know your feelings towards them.

       Bannon, James.          
       Barry, Tom.          
       Breen, Pat.          
       Burton, Joan.          
       Butler, Ray.          
       Buttimer, Jerry.          
       Byrne, Eric.          
       Byrne, Catherine.          
       Carey, Joe.          
       Coffey, Paudie.          
       Conaghan, Michael.          
       Conlan, Seán.          
       Connaughton, Paul J.         
       Conway, Ciara.          
       Coonan, Noel.          
       Corcoran Kennedy, Marcella.          
       Costello, Joe.          
       Coveney, Simon.          
       Creed, Michael.          
       Daly, Jim.          
       Deasy, John.          
       Deenihan, Jimmy.          
       Deering, Pat.          
       Doherty, Regina.          
       Donohoe, Paschal.          
       Dowds, Robert.          
       Doyle, Andrew.          
       Durkan, Bernard J.         
       English, Damien.          
       Farrell, Alan.          
       Feighan, Frank.          
       Fitzpatrick, Peter.          
       Flanagan, Charles.          
       Gilmore, Eamon.          
       Hannigan, Dominic.          
       Harrington, Noel.          
       Harris, Simon.          
       Hayes, Tom.          
       Heydon, Martin.          
       Hogan, Phil.          
       Humphreys, Kevin.          
       Humphreys, Heather.         
       Keating, Derek.          
       Kehoe, Paul.         
       Kelly, Alan.          
       Kenny, Seán.          
       Kyne, Seán.          
       Lawlor, Anthony.          
       Lynch, Ciarán.         
       Lynch, Kathleen.          
       Lyons, John.          
       Maloney, Eamonn.          
       Mathews, Peter.          
       McCarthy, Michael.         
       McEntee, Shane.          
       McGinley, Dinny.     
       McHugh, Joe.     
       McLoughlin, Tony.     
       McNamara, Michael.     
       Mitchell, Olivia.     
       Mitchell O'Connor, Mary.     
       Mulherin, Michelle.     
       Murphy, Dara.     
       Murphy, Eoghan.     
       Nash, Gerald.     
       Neville, Dan.     
       Nolan, Derek.     
       O'Donnell, Kieran.     
       O'Donovan, Patrick.     
       O'Mahony, John.     
       O'Reilly, Joe.     
       Ó Ríordáin, Aodhán.     
       Perry, John.     
       Phelan, John Paul.     
       Phelan, Ann.     
       Quinn, Ruairí.     
       Rabbitte, Pat.     
       Reilly, James.     
       Ring, Michael.     
       Ryan, Brendan.     
       Sherlock, Sean.     
       Spring, Arthur.     
       Stagg, Emmet.     
       Stanton, David.     
       Timmins, Billy.     
       Tuffy, Joanna.     
       Twomey, Liam.     
       Wall, Jack.     
       Walsh, Brian.     


  1. Absolute disgrace. Although I think its quite ironic that the page has an ad for a Banking Valuer....only in Ireland!!

    1. They are random ads as far as I know. It happens on blogs. As I post this, the ad is for the temple bar hotel.

  2. cutting the carers allowance is dreadful, yet again attacking those who are unable to defend themselves!!

  3. John Paul Phelan ...your not getting my vote anymore

  4. what way did Jan O'sullivan vote

    1. well if she is not on the list above she must have gone against the Government. Thank God she stood up for the people of this country.

    2. She may not have been there to vote either way!

  5. JOHN PERRY__BALLYMOTE_Sligo Never again voting for you !!! My 94 year old Dad will now be going to Ballymote Nursing Home . Thanks John !!

  6. It would be great to see the parties they belong to

  7. How can they bare to Look people in the face,they are a bunch of half wits..disgusting behavior towards the people of this country..

  8. TDs are gluten Gutless pieces of low life of the lowest

  9. as i have said many times before these low lifes dont care about the people of this country any more,they only care about themselves and there rich friends,and so it goes on.

  10. and they just sign a cheque for 36 million to the incompetents in CIE

  11. Times are changing. This political nepotism in Ireland is at an end. Bankers will be jailed and the politicians who are responsible. Those who have kept silent are to blame also. The people will remember this list and more besides. Burn the bondholders and save Ireland as Iceland has done.

  12. Fuel laundering costs an estimated €155 million in tax losses based on estimates that one in every eight liters of diesel sold in Ireland is illegal.a simple change to one colored fuel and let hauliers and farmers and others users of green dsl claim there vat back in the usual way would pay for a lot of home help

  13. Simon 'the queer' Harris - hope that you never need respite care. Or further votes.

  14. Suggest posting the addresses so people can tell them in person.
    E mails just get deleted.