Thursday, February 7, 2013

A list of TD's that voted for the latest robbery on the people of Ireland

James Bannon (FG)
Pat Breen (FG)
Richard Bruton (FG)
Joan Burton (Lab)
Ray Butler (FG)
Jerry Buttimer (FG)
Catherine Byrne (FG)
Eric Byrne (Lab)
Joe Carey (FG)
Paudie Coffey (FG)
Niall Collins (FF)
Áine Collins (FG)
Michael Conaghan (Lab)
Seán Conlan (FG)
Paul J. Connaughton (FG)
Ciara Conway (Lab)
Noel Coonan (FG)
Marcella Corcoran Kennedy (FG)
Joe Costello (Lab)
Simon Coveney (FG)
Barry Cowen (FF)
Michael Creed (FG)
Jim Daly (FG)
John Deasy (FG)
Pat Deering (FG)
Regina Doherty (FG)
Paschal Donohoe (FG)
Timmy Dooley (FF)
Robert Dowds (Lab)
Andrew Doyle (FG)
Bernard J. Durkan (FG)
Damien English (FG)
Alan Farrell (FG)
Frank Feighan (FG)
Anne Ferris (Lab)
Frances Fitzgerald (FG)
Peter Fitzpatrick (FG)
Charles Flanagan (FG)
Terence Flanagan (FG)
Sean Fleming (FF)
Eamon Gilmore (Lab)
Brendan Griffin (FG)
Dominic Hannigan (Lab)
Noel Harrington (FG)
Simon Harris (FG)
Brian Hayes (FG)
Tom Hayes (FG)
Martin Heydon (FG)
Phil Hogan (FG)
Brendan Howlin (Lab)
Heather Humphreys (FG)
Kevin Humphreys (Lab)
Derek Keating (FG)
Paul Kehoe (FG)
Billy Kelleher (FF)
Alan Kelly (Lab)
Enda Kenny (FG)
Seán Kenny (Lab)
Seamus Kirk (FF)
Seán Kyne (FG)
Anthony Lawlor (FG)
Kathleen Lynch (Lab)
Ciarán Lynch (Lab)
John Lyons (Lab)
Eamonn Maloney (Lab)
Micheál Martin (FF)
Michael McCarthy (Lab)
Charlie McConalogue (FF)
Dinny McGinley (FG)
Michael McGrath (FF)
John McGuinness (FF)
Joe McHugh (FG)
Tony McLoughlin (FG)
Michael McNamara (Lab)
Olivia Mitchell (FG)
Mary Mitchell O’Connor (FG)
Michael Moynihan (FF)
Michelle Mulherin (FG)
Dara Murphy (FG)
Eoghan Murphy (FG)
Gerald Nash (Lab)
Dan Neville (FG)
Derek Nolan (Lab)
Michael Noonan (FG)
Éamon Ó Cuív (FF)
Seán Ó Fearghaíl (FF)
Aodhán Ó Ríordáin (Lab)
Kieran O’Donnell (FG)
Patrick O’Donovan (FG)
Fergus O’Dowd (FG)
John O’Mahony (FG)
Joe O’Reilly (FG)
Jan O’Sullivan (Lab)
John Perry (FG)
Ann Phelan (Lab)
John Paul Phelan (FG)
Ruairí Quinn (Lab)
Pat Rabbitte (Lab)
James Reilly (FG)
Michael Ring (FG)
Brendan Ryan (Lab)
Alan Shatter (FG)
Brendan Smith (FF)
Arthur Spring (Lab)
Emmet Stagg (Lab)
David Stanton (FG)
Billy Timmins (FG)
Robert Troy (FF)
Joanna Tuffy (Lab)
Liam Twomey (FG)
Leo Varadkar (FG)
Jack Wall (Lab)
Brian Walsh (FG)
Alex White (Lab)


  1. I hope each and every one of you are proud of yourselves you have condemned my great grand children to a debt that cannot ever be repaid, while you fat cats won't get off your fat arses and work to rectify this calamity you bodgers have created. First of all relinquish your high salaries to that of a working man and lead by example. Shame on you all, the next election will see you gone when all the damage has been done and cannot be undone. What hope now for the Irish People more taxes and austerity. I would say you better pack your bags because a revolution is coming and you politicians are going to be lynched

  2. Why dont you publish an email list so people can send emails to all of them to let them know what they think of all this..

  3. Shoot the fucking bastards.. Everyone stop working for a week and bring this country to a standstill!

    1. let me're an unemployed tree hugging hippy?

    2. AnonymousFebruary 7, 2013 at 4:39 AM


  4. Email list is on the oireachtas website


  6. 114 turncoats sell a nation of 4.5,000,000 down the Swanee! Thanks for that you lot, our children, grandchildren and their children thank you too.

  7. Everyone stop working for a week and bring this country to a standstill??? sure nobody was working last week.... :)

  8. I'd like to see the list of TDs who understood what they voted for...

  9. heads on poles me thinks! the political scroungers wages should be dictated by the people. they tell us how much we can earn it should be the other way around. they are supposed to be the voice of the people but in reality they are the robbers of the people they have cast generations into a certain future of debt even before the next generation is born is is laden with debt. the government yet again has failed it has failed the people and it has failed the state. sack the lot of them and get a bunch of 8 year olds to do their job, i am sure they would it better.

    1. Im for it.. its a grewat idea.. let them work for minimum wage. no free cars, money for rent, or travel allowance.

  10. That is the new hit list for any budding assasin

  11. They are traitors to the people of Ireland!
    FG, Lab & FF your all dead to me, just watch Sien Fien grow and grow and grow, hahahaaha, the real republican party.
    Fuck the ECB and the German government as well.
    40 years to pay you back, sure it was only 70 years ago you were Nazi murdering cunts!!

  12. Is there any way we can get rid of this government, like call for an election or a vote of no confidence? Surely somewhere in the constitution there MUST be a way to do this!!?

    1. You can lobby the President, if he gets enough letters, he has to abolish the current Government!!

  13. And what could sf do if they were in there

    1. Take a paycut for starters, run the country democratically maybe. Have respect for the Irish people would be nice too.

  14. What cracks me up is that some fools think Sinn Fein are the only alternative. Some of those can't event spell the party's name.

  15. Here's a list of the email addresses of the TDs who voted for that vile bill last night:

  16. problem is the people put them in power...did you really expect them to be any different from FF... its been the same since the foundation of the state..FF messes up and we the people teach them a lesson and put FG/lab in power....they carry on the same policies and continue the mess and then we the people put FF back in power...when are we going to cop on as a nation...the old politics are not working...its time for a real change....give the left a chance...they cant do any worse...if they mess up well they had there chance and we the people will put FF back in.....

  17. Iceland,default the debt,unsecured means no security, turn coats selling out their own people,ask the public you represent to vote on it,referendum on debt forfeit and then represent what the people vote

  18. Im afraid,you have got it wrong friend,you really dont want Sinn Fein to grow and grow. Dont think you know them at all.The only thing that grows there is there big bank accounts!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are right though, Ireland needs a Real Republican party. Eirigi.

  19. Sinn Fein has lead the way through very difficult times in the history of this great country. It is time for them to take the lead. We want change well lets make change. Lab/FG almost brought the country to its knees thus FF/Green were voted in office! FF destroyed, raped and pillaged the country **won't mention Bertie's ordeal and everyone voted back into office FG/Lab, what is hell is wrong with you people. Get em out and vote SF the peoples choice.

    They have never been afraid to lead by example nor afraid of opposition. You have a choice for change do not throw it away.

    Sinn Fein Abu

  20. This great country ????
    The people make the country great.
    What is our legacy. abuse of our children. false imprisonment of our women. and the same crooked politicians democratically elected repeatedly. a country of fools more like. the thick Irish. it is accurate.

  21. This great country ????
    The people make the country great.
    What is our legacy. abuse of our children. false imprisonment of our women. and the same crooked politicians democratically elected repeatedly. a country of fools more like. the thick Irish. it is accurate.

  22. Is it not a good enough deal? I think the Government should be applauded for this. Sure with rates of inflation this debt won't be near as catastrophic to pay in forty years time as it would have if it had to be paid now. We're not screwing our children over at all, it'll give everyone a chance to get of there arses and build a country our children can be proud, avoiding the mistakes we ALL made this past fifteen years.

    Before anyone asks I'm no supporter of any political party. I worked in the building trade and got royally screwed over by folk who got in over their head and couldn't pay me when I had the job done. I'm still paying for that, I don't blame anyone but myself as I should have never let it get so far.

  23. why did we not get SOME write off ?
    Our bargaining position was that we could default and that would have been very bad for us but disasterous for the EU as a whole because we would have had to leave the euro / Eurozone or both.
    They had more to lose than us.
    The reason our politicians did not negotiate tougher is that they have been given brown envelopes in the regular sense or else the promise of good things down the road.
    still a brown envelope
    nothing has changed

  24. The sooner we get rid of FG/LAB/ the better SF would do a far better job, the Other parties have all had their chance and blown it, so lets get rid of them and let a party who is sympathetic to the peoples needs lead the country.

  25. Exactly what type of revolution are you suggesting? I've been looking here and on your Facebook page and see no manifesto. Or maybe I should be looking on a SF page? What are your reasons for overthrowing a legitimate government of the European Union? A shite system that can't cope with years of short term fixes and bad financial advice? Nobody is being dragged off the street and beaten up by secret police, people are not disappearing, children are not being held hostage, the press is not being censored and freedom of movement is still there last time I looked. And is your revolution going to be armed? If so where are the guns coming from? Will there be tanks on the street once the army comes on board? Exactly how do you plan to get the army on your side? And what about the Gardai? Will they be shot if they resist, along will all the politicians named here? Is it going to be a bloodless 'democratic' coup or a left wing 1980's style South American blood lust. It's all talk here but not one person seems to have a real plan about how you actually start this revolution and what happens once it takes place. I've looked and I can't find anything constructive. All I see is people bitching, moaning and passing Photoshop pictures around on facebook. If that's your revolution then I'll pass thanks. We may have a right to be pissed off with this situation but we are ALL responsible, weather it's being in government, banking, nixering, not bothering our arse to actually read what we were voting in during the European elections or just taking that credit union loan we could never have afforded and didn't read the small print on. Blustering on about starting a revolution is talk. 99.9% of your followers aren't really interested, it's just something they spotted on their 'capitalistic' iPhones and said "yea I agree, let's have a revolution" without actually thinking about the consequences of one; no mobile phone signal, no TV, no fuel, no power, no safety, no food and no human rights; People get abused, imprisoned without trial, orphaned, lied to, hurt, killed and forgotten. that's what REALLY happens when you have the kind of 'revolution' you want.

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