Thursday, February 16, 2012

Why did Greyhound get the Dublin bin collection contract?

Its very odd the way Dublin City Council handed over the bin collection service to Greyhound Recycling. There appears to have been no tender process, and even funnier is the fact that Greyhound's head office is now based in the Isle of Man. How did Greyhound manage to get an Irish tax clearance cert if they are not even based in Ireland? How did a company based in a foreign country win such a contract. Even more interesting is what happened just before Greyhound moved its head office from Ireland to the Isle of Man. They were caught overcharging Irish Rail, and had to make a settlement of over €1 million. So, they were caught conning one government company, and then they are given a nice contract with another.

Something smells here.

Greyhound are demanding that customers pay in advance for the bin collection service, so customers must prepay for the services. What happens if Greyhound goes bust? Why is this money not held in trust. Have Greyhound paid into any bond just in case something goes wrong?

All this coming at a time that the government is expecting us all to pay a €100 household charge to pay for local services.

Keep the pressure up on TD's to find out what really want on here, because the stink of rat is overpowering.

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